Hiview รุ่น HW-3304KIT13


รวมภาษี บาท

Withbuilt-indedicatedWIFImodule forsaferandmorereliabletransmission.
Unpackandplaywhenthepoweron withoutconfigorationforlivevideo.
HDimagequality clearanddelicatepictures.
Capableforusingwithcableandwithoutcable adaptableforvariousenvironments
SupportP2PCloud remoteconnectioninseconds fluentimagequality
Mutipleclientsofwares supportandroid/iOS/PC etc.

รับประกัน 2 ปี


Model HW-3304KIT13
Sensor 1/3″ Progressive Scan Sensor
Signal System PAL/NTSC
Resolution 1280  x  960  4:3  High  Defination
Minimum 11fumlnatlon Color: 0.1 Lux;   B/W: O.D1  Lux
Shutter 1/25s to  1/25.000s
lens 4/6mm
DSD Date Time &  Title
White  Balance Auto
Day&Night Auto I Color I BW
3D-DNR Auto
Mirror I Flip Dn I DH
smart stream Dual-stream:1280×960@151ps 640×360@151ps
SIN > 39.1 Db
Interface RJ45 I WIFI 802.11b/g/n
Anti-thunder  evel Standard IEC61000-4-5
Level of Protection IP66
woni. TtMPttt”      “mldity -1«1C to +5«1C I 30% to 80% RH
Model HW-3304
Video input 4ch 01 I 960H I 720P I 960P I 1080P
HDMI Output 1th RtsOlutlo.-:  1024×7&8 .  1210x’1024 13″x?&a. 1440d00. 1911080
VGA Output 1th RtsOlutloit:  1024176&. 12SOX1024   13″r76&.  t440d00.  19x10IO
Resolution 01 I 960H I 720P I 960P I 1080P
Playback 4ch
Recording Manua l time motion dection alarm
Storage 1 SATA
Storage capacity 4TB for each HOD
Network interface 1 RJ45 10M/100M 2 WIFI connector
use interface 2 USB2.0
Audio interface 3.5 inch headphone jack (Optional)